Alagoas Brand

  • Lagoons Region
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  • Lagoons Region
    Geographical Indication Map
    Lagoons Region
    The Alagoas’s filé is nationally recognized as a “rich” embroidery, with inumerous combinations of grid points with small spacing, being these its main characteristics.

    The craftswomen, also called “filezeiras”, define a good “filé” as a piece in which the embroidement is full, rich, intense, and colorful, made in a mesh of small spacing, which varies between eigth milimiters to one and a half centimeters. This is often not checked by the buyer and tourists who, normally, do not recognise these unique characteristics when comparing with a lower quality embroidery products.
    Since a great portion of the sales of these crafts is due to the tourism, the problem with the aquisition of a lower quality “filé” (such as wear-and-tear, discoloring, spots, etc) can be harmful to the prestige of the Alagoas’ filé, as well as the manufacture linked to this type of craft.

    The recent recognition of the Filé as Cultural and Intangible Heritage of Alagoas was an important decision from the State Council of Culture, that are occuring in a special time of growth in the presence of the Filé on the national market.
    The Filé is present in several regions of the Alagoas State, and recognized as characteristic of the communities established at the Mundaú-Manguaba lagoons, where the manufacture is growing each day to a more commercially production scale, and crucial as economical support for hundreds of families.

    Thus, actions such as the recognition as Cultural and Intangible Heritage and the requirements from the manufacturing associations – to be fowarded by the Bordado Filé Institute – the registration of “Geographic Indication”, in the class of Indication of Origin with the National Institute of Industrial Property (INPI), tend to contribute to the preservation and recognition of the authentic Alagoas’ filé.

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